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What Andrew Cooksey, Autism Consultant, had to say about Buckfield House.

'I visited Buckfield House on 17th February 2011, part of Inspiration Care’s provision in Leominster, Herefordshire. I was impressed with facilities at Buckfield House for some challenging residents with autism. I was particularly impressed with the residents personal communication schedules based on TEACHH and PECS therapeutic approaches which have been developed by Karen Hall and their SALT.’



"Finding an appropriate placement for a young autistic adult is difficult and when that person is your own son, the decision is even more difficult.

Inspiration Care have developed Buckfield House in Leominster, with all the essential ingredients for a caring, supportive environment. Here young autistic adults can live in an appropriate environment which is safe, whilst they continue to extend their independent living skills, supported by trained, enthusiastic and dedicated staff "

Testimonial from parents


"An excellent place to work. Staff are committed to using total communication approach - TEAACH, PECS, Makaton signing, intensive interaction, visual supports. A very welcoming place to visit and all the young people have busy and active lives with an excellent and varied range of activities to choose from. It's lovely to part of it."

Sue Whitefoot (Health Care Professional)


“A professional, dedicated and extremely caring service who provide excellent 24 hour care" 

 Vee Prasher - Professor of Neuropsychiatry


“Inspiration Care offer high quality, person-centred and individualised support to their service users. Staff training is excellent, and i have found all staff to be aware of, and respond to the physiological needs of the complex clients they support. In my experience, they maintain high professional standards with a friendly and supportive atmosphere and a creative approach to problem-solving”

Dr. Richard Warburg - Neuro Psychologist


"Epilepsy Education and Training have provided epilepsy and emergency medication training for staff at Inspiration Care on a regular basis and at all times I have found both the care manager and care staff well organized and professional in their approach to staff education and training.

Care staff attending the training sessions were all well motivated to learn and expressed a caring and responsible attitude to their role in promoting best quality of life and best practice in caring for people some of whom  have epilepsy and may require emergency medication."


Lynette Breton BSc (hons), RN, HV

Epilepsy Trainer, Epilepsy Education and Training


"My teenage son was badly injured as a result of a road traffic accident which left him with multiple injuries.He now uses a prosthetic leg, has no sight in one eye and has an Acquired Brain Injury with Epilepsy as a further complication.

After two years with Inspiration Care he is now able to independently access the community, shop, socialise and mobilise confidently and safely.

I have found Inspiration Care to be first class in providing a dedicated support package with emphasis on safety coupled with Independence.

They have always been prepared to discuss any issues of concern in a transparent way and I would applaud their professionalism, friendliness and understanding which I have been met with.

The most telling event is the Independence and Quality of life which my son now enjoys as a result of their service, something we didn't imagine possible only two years ago.

Heartfelt thanks."




"Thank you all for the work and support you put in during the transition period. It’s fantastic to work with an organisation so well prepared and committed to making the transition a successful one and who stick to what they have said they will do."

Tracey Lewis

Sunfield School transition co-ordinator 

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