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Looking after adults across the spectrum, our specific services cater to the needs of the individual with autism, not just the autism.


Although on the spectrum, a very different service needs to be provided for those unique individuals with AS, contact us for details.


Offering services that are established in assisting with the development of life skills to enable an individual to live as independently as possible.


PWS is a rare syndrome that needs understanding by a committed team in order to provide a quality of life for the individual. Please contact us for further details


We can provide support for those across the continuum, from mild and moderate to severe and those with PMLD

  Providing unique bespoke services so individuals can live as independently as possible through choice

Certain syndromes come with complex conditions such as epilepsy, PICA or someone having to be PEG fed.  We seek to provide a service that is very person centred.


Supporting those acoss the continuum, we can provide support to those with mild to severe challenges of services.


We provide a vast range of internal and external specialised training as well as mandatory. We are also able to provide psychological services both internally and externally.


Inspiration Care

Inspiration Care was set up by two individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience within the care industry who shared the same passion that care should be provided at the highest standard and that this could only be achieved by promoting a standard of excellence which embraces fundamental principles of good care.

We believe passionately in the significance of our work and feel it should have a positive impact on the lives of our service users, their families and the communities that we serve. Our objective is to deliver excellent care however, just as importantly; we like to see our service users have fun and live life to the full!

Our Charter
  • Provide the Highest Quality Care and Support Possible
  • Treat People with Respect
  • Encourage Independence and Self Fulfillment
  • Embrace Individuality
  • Enhance Self Esteem
  • Preserve Dignity
  • Support Self Expression
  • Recognise the Right to Take Risks
  • Promote Freedom of Choice
  • Continually Evolve and Improve What We Do