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Buckfield House Vacancy



What Andrew Cooksey, Autism Consultant, had to say about Buckfield House.

'I visited Buckfield House on 17th February 2011, part of Inspiration Care’s provision in Leominster, Herefordshire. I was impressed with facilities at Buckfield House for some challenging residents with autism. I was particularly impressed with the residents personal communication schedules based on TEACHH and PECS therapeutic approaches which have been developed by Karen Hall and their SALT.’



The Individual

Each individual who is admitted to the service is assessed prior to being offered a placement at Buckfield House.  The assessment is carried out under consultation with the service user, their family or carer, the care manager or community nurse and any other people who are felt to be important to the process.

The Assessment will include:


  • Mental Capacity
  • Health and medication checks
  • Mobility and transport needs
  • Personal care
  • Communication
  • Routines
  • Mental health support
  • Behavioural needs
  • Relationships
  • Dietary needs
  • Social activities
  • Daytime activities
  • Sensory considerations
  • What autism means to them


The continued involvement of family members and friends is supported and encouraged, and each individual is cared for with respect by each and every member of staff.


"Finding an appropriate placement for a young autistic adult is difficult and when that person is your own son, the decision is even more difficult.

Inspiration Care have developed Buckfield House in Leominster, with all the essential ingredients for a caring, supportive environment. Here young autistic adults can live in an appropriate environment which is safe, whilst they continue to extend their independent living skills, supported by trained, enthusiastic and dedicated staff. "

Testimonial from parents 



As we know, space can be important to those with autism.  The garden is spacious and bedrooms generous in size, all having fitted wardrobes, en-suite separate Jacuzzi baths and wet room showers.


We have a specific interest in the field of autism and work in partnership with professionals and carers to assist us in providing the best standard of care.


We are actively involved in seeking approaches that may make a difference, investing in staff to gain deeper understanding and developing greater awareness from professionals within the field. One of the directors is also co-chair to the voluntary Autism and Aspergers Parents and Carers support group in Leominster.

For more information about Autism - you may find this website useful ....... National autistic society (NAS)