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 ABI services in Herefordshire

Developing Services to Meet the Needs of Those with a Brain Injury

Having been successful at creating an environment that not only supplies care, the commitment to the way in which every aspect of support was looked at holistically, meant each individual that took up residence at Chesfield House were treated individually and have gone on to develop some degree of independence.

With confidence growing from placement authorities, social workers and case managers, Inspiration Care soon gained a reputation of exceptional commitment to delivering a quality care service that was worth paying for.

With testimonies available from other professionals associated with the company such as OT’s ,speech and language therapists, psychologist and psychiatrist as well as parents of those who are fortunate to have benefitted from the experience and philosophies shared by that of the working owners and directors, those seeking to place an individual with confidence, can be assured of an approach that would see their client be helped to fulfill their aspirations as well as being supported to achieve new ones.

The success has been driven by the passion and drive to develop a service that is comprehensive, looking after and developing staff teams to become the most professional and well trained and informed as possible.

Each person that moves into the service is individually assessed, allowing a training package to be drawn up to compliment a smooth and supported transition.

This allows the training to be tailored made so that staff are able to have a full knowledge of the support needs of the individual.

The training package will consider the person’s strengths, likes, aspirations as well as directly concentrating on what it means for the individual to have a particular brain injury i.e. if it were frontal lobe damage; this affects areas of the brain that could, for example cause the individual to not have any inhibitions, low motivation etc. Therefore behavior may be displayed in an inappropriate manner.

The service has been praised by those who run ‘Headway’ in Hereford and have seen a high level of active support benefit those in their care.

As a consequence of a brain injury, it is common for individuals to develop epilepsy. The service is experienced with dealing with all different seizure types, whether myoclonic or tonic clonic etc. They have gained the respect of the local GPs as well as leading professionals in the filed of epilepsy as their diligence around producing particular protocols for each person suffering from seizures has led to their successful management , ensuring immediate support is on hand as well as a proactive approach.

A brain injury can bring on many different complexities, whether it is bi-polar, depression or developing eating disorders such as PICA. Inspiration Care is lucky enough to have many unique staff members who are empowered to develop their already comprehensive existing knowledge base around those who have a brain injury.

The service is proud of it’s achievement of being able to give individuals opportunities to develop their life skills and, despite being open for  a relatively short time, it has enabled one  person to already be moved onto a more independent living environment and has two others awaiting their own supported living service.

For more details of services available to those with a brain injury who may either like the opportunity to live within a residential setting or within their own or sharing bespoke service, please contact:


Due to the successful support and acquisitions of skills by individuals currently placed at Chesfield House and with their imminent move to Inspiration Care’s supported living complex, Chesfield House will soon have vacancies for two people. Please note Chesfield House is not suitable for individuals in wheel chairs.

However Inspiration Care have also developed individual bespoke services, which have been adapted to include hoists and wheel chairs.